Microsoft Technologies Services

Microsoft Operating system has now been put into use by hundreds of millions of people from across the globe. This means if a business has wonderful built Microsoft applications, it will be easy for it to reach its customers and deliver services at the best level possible. Microsoft has a lot of technical requirements when it comes to application development so you need an expert who will make sure your Microsoft applications are built with all necessary features to give your business the efficiency that will make customers to adore it. As Microsoft experts, we harness all the parameters of Microsoft technologies and incorporate them well into your applications so that you receive an effective application or software.

Microsoft Technologies Services That We Offer

Below are our wide ranges of services you can get from us. Our team dedicates a lot of time to ensure quality delivery of applications so that your business operations and customer interaction is kept at a perfect and reliable level.

Microsoft.NET Development

Whether you want web or desktop applications, our team is well experienced and trained these fields. We build customized Microsoft web and desktop applications that will enable you and your customers communicate smoothly at all times. Our team is capable of building premium applications using C#, ASP.NET, MVC, Orchard CMS, SharePoint, WPF or WinForms. We listen, plan, design, make and develop your Microsoft apps before we deploy them to your required customers.

Microsoft Technology Consulting

We understand your business is unique and it has its own issues and problems that need specific solutions. To enable you benefit from Microsoft technologies, we analyze your business and identify all aspects that need to be improved so that we deploy specific and effective Microsoft technologies. The end result is that you will have a brand specific application that will not only smoothen business operations but will also improve customer experience.

Microsoft Application Development and Product Customization

Microsft.NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C# and other types of developments, we are experts on that sector. Your business application will be excellent in appearance and performance because the team will put into utilization all of these resources to ensure an excellent application is delivered. iKraft Solution has taken time to learn all technologies and its employees bear the imperative creativity to actualize your ideas as far as business applications are concerned. Microsoft .NET development services along with SQL server can be offered to ensure you have the best business applications.

Professional Application Development

Your business operations need to be well-featured on your applications if you want it to serve you nicely. We use our Software Development Life Cycle while intensively leveraging .NET skills and quality control measures to ensure all the aspects of your business application are up to the mark. Our aim is to ensure we develop applications that will serve you and remain relevant even in your future business operations. We dedicate our efforts to cover every aspect of your business in the application from inventory, supply chain, warehouse, third-party integration to many things that your business contains.

Development of a SharePoint Center

Scattering of features in your application comes along with plenty of drawbacks and problems. You wouldn't like to lose control in the management of your applications. To help you stay relevant and eliminate any obsolete features that compromise your business operations, we perfectly create a SharePoint where you can manage your operations, content, documents, social network and other types of operations so that you bring uniformity in your business applications.

Xamarin App Development

There is nothing pleasing for a business than effectively engaging with clients and making sales. In this era where people simply use their mobile phones to buy goods or inquire, it would not be fit for if a business does not have a mobile applications. We are the experts who can create and develop customized Microsoft mobile applications to help your business standout. Product specific applications for all your mobile users so that you directly reach them and make an impact to your sales and customer retention. Our user interface design is impeccable and we can also do cross platform development to ensure all OS can use your mobile apps.

Extreme Business Intelligence

Times are becoming difficult for businesses as many things change every now and then. You wouldn't like to remain behind so we incorporate business intelligence to ensure you get real time statistics from the market and act accordingly. Our team will ensure your business is on the perfect line so that you don't make any mistake that might cost your progress and business expansion. We make use of the Kellton Tech's capability edge in Microsoft BI to ensure you get prompt information from the markets globally.

Contact us if you need .NET integration, application migration, Business intelligence and Cloud solution with Microsoft Azure. We offer product specific applications that will be of value and essence to your company.