Application Testing

As a business, it is essential to launch an application that is bug free and efficient to your business and its customers. We are a dedicated team of experts providing high performance quality assurance & testing services of any complexity of project with incredible competence. We are well versed in automation and manual testing on web applications, mobile applications and Enterprise application projects. Irrespective of the technology, platform, framework or industry solutions we can perform testing service to ensure the application or product is 100% bug-free. We follow Agile development methodologies and best practices in its testing service to provide highest quality of software solutions to its clients. Below are some of our best services that we offer to our esteemed customers globally.

  • Web Application Testing

    Web applications are a digital representation of your offline business. This means if your web application is not competent, your end users will term your business to be incompetent and irrelevant and this could cost you. We use wonderful web application testing tools and skills to ensure your web applications are top notch and reliable.

  • Mobile App Testing

    A large population in the world use mobile phones to purchase their products or even inquire about products. It would be a great disadvantage for your business if its mobile application does not serve to the expectations of the customers. We can test your mobile application on all kinds of operating systems like android, iOS and windows to ensure it is competent and reliable before you deploy it to your audience.

  • Software Application Testing

    Business software has become simplifiers of most business tasks and you wouldn't like your business software to be incompetent. We examine your software, identify its faults and come up with excellent interventions that will put your software on the perfect track. From your business side to end user side, you can be sure your software will be efficient and reliable because our testing tools and skills are above standards.

  • Automated Testing

    Some task too laborious to be done manually this is where automated testing come in. In automated testing we prepared script & parameterization. Execution of tests in multiple browser and operation system. We used the different tools like selenium, everystep.

  • Manual Testing

    We use our manual methodologies to ensure all steps have been perfectly done including execution of logical tests, bug reporting and regressing testing. All services we offer are done by professional who are experienced and have capability to bring excellence to your software

  • Security Testing

    At this era when cyber attackers are on the verge to breech business security and steal data, you wouldn't like your business to have weak online security. We test all software security features and ensure they are reliable before you deploy it.

  • Performance Testing

    In this growing market we need to make sure about application speed, stability and scalability.Our expert team validates and verifies performance under expected and unexpected workloads. We deliver customized testing services in order to manage the performance under normal and stress conditions.

  • Browser Compatibility Testing

    It is a fact that different people use different kind of browsers. To serve a wide range of clients, your software needs to be accessible through various browsers.

Further, we are specialized in implementing these tools for test accuracy and quality enhancement.

Automated testing tools
  • Apache J Meter
  • Selenium
Bug Tracking tools
  • JIRA
  • Mantis
  • Bugzilla
Compatibility Testing Tools
  • Browser Stack
  • IE NetRender
  • TestingBot